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With more than 15 years of extensive experience within the building and construction industry, our decision to establish a specialised company focusing on Synthetic Turf was born. Commencing our brand in 2007, our sole dedication lay with synthetic turf. Witnessing a gradual surge in industry demand, our family-run business identified an opportunity to aid our clients, prompting the incorporation of new and exciting brands into our portfolio.

In 2010, Prestige embarked on custom design and construction of shade sails catering to both residential and commercial applications. The subsequent year saw the introduction of custom-designed playgrounds, encompassing various elements from decking to dry creek beds and concrete features.

Our Services

Our progression continued in 2012 with the addition of the soft fall rubber component to our brand, steadily expanding our clientele owing to our team’s high-quality output and exemplary work ethic. Our track record boasts engagements with councils, educational institutions, sporting facilities, and residential sectors.

The year 2013 marked our inclusion of the Artificial Rock division, gaining recognition from Subaru Australia and consistently constructing rocks for their dealerships nationwide. Incorporating our Artificial Rock component into childcare and educational settings ensued.

Further diversification transpired in 2014 with the incorporation of concrete solutions and fencing into our repertoire, providing comprehensive expertise ranging from residential driveways to commercial parkland and school projects. Additionally, our services extend to Kwik Kerb solutions for garden edging and parking requirements.

In January 2016, our innovative streak persisted with the introduction of a new product: Temporary Fence Hire. Addressing short-term and long-term needs in construction, our solutions cater to various building works. 

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Synthetic Grass

Immerse your space in the lush, maintenance-free beauty of our lifelike synthetic grass. Specially engineered to withstand Australia's diverse climates, our range offers unparalleled durability and realism, transforming any area into a vibrant and inviting landscape.

Playground Construction

Experience creativity and safety in every corner of our custom playground constructions. From innovative designs to meticulous execution, we craft engaging play spaces tailored to specific needs, integrating elements like decking, dry creek beds, and interactive features for endless enjoyment.

Concrete & Fencing

Elevate your surroundings with our comprehensive concrete and fencing solutions. Whether enhancing residential driveways or securing commercial spaces, our expertise extends from precision concrete work to durable fencing solutions, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Custom Building Solutions

Unlock endless possibilities with our bespoke building solutions. From artificial rock features to Kwik Kerb garden edging, our commitment to tailored craftsmanship ensures unique and innovative outcomes for every project, exceeding expectations at every turn.

Rubber Soft Fall Surfacing

Safety meets play with our rubber soft fall surfacing solutions. Crafted to cushion falls and reduce impact, our high-quality rubber surfacing ensures peace of mind in playgrounds, schools, and public spaces. Combining safety and aesthetics, we create secure environments for endless enjoyment.

Artificial Grass & Fake Turf in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Offering the most lifelike artificial grass and turf available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Prestige Group AUS, a family-owned establishment, has revolutionised traditional artificial grass products and installation techniques. Our innovative fake turf and lawns are crafted to endure the harsh climate of Australia.

Confident in our products, we provide a comprehensive 7-year warranty across our entire synthetic grass range. Prestige Group AUS have been in business since 2007 and with 15 years of experience in the building and construction industry, you can be self-assured that when you choose us, you are choosing the best products on the market.

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